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Siliconic Healthtech Ventures

Africa’s leading digital health and life sciences venture building lab

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We partner with investors and innovators

who leverage cutting-edge technologies to make millions of people healthier across Africa

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We build, fund and upscale healthtech

solutions to pressing challenges as well as opportunities within the healthcare system

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About Us

Siliconic Healthtech Ventures

Siliconic Healthtech is Africa’s leading digital health and life sciences venture building lab. Our programme provides the initial capacity building through training, mentorship, coaching, funding, as well as technology development resources to help healthtech startups succeed. Siliconic Healthtech serves as a mecca for technological innovation within the health sector. We are the driving force for entrepreneurial cultivation, advancement and expansion within the health and wellbeing realm.

We take pride in our commitment to empowering early-stage entrepreneurs and businesses by providing them with the necessary resources to bring their ideas to fruition. Whether you have a mere concept, a prototype, or a ready-to-launch enterprise, our team is equipped to guide you towards growth and success.

At the core of our efforts lies the Siliconic Healthtech Venture Building Lab, a comprehensive programme designed to build, nurture and scale ground-breaking businesses within the health technology value chain. Through this programme, we develop a new breed of Innovative African Entrepreneurial Leaders® who foster inclusive as well as responsible long-term economic growth and sustainability.

Investment Portfolio

We build, nurture, fund and scale businesses that tackle pressing challenges as well as opportunities  within the  healthcare system. We make selective seed investments and take equity positions in portfolio companies that seek to mainstream access to quality healthcare and well-being for all. We partner with entrepreneurs, enablers and investors who leverage cutting-edge  technologies to make millions of people healthier across Africa. We invest our resources in mission-directed healthcare ways and wares that will become major catalysts for the establishment of the 21st century well-being industry.

1. Health Logistics

2. Medical Equipment

3. Diagnostics

4. Biotechnology

5.Health Information

6. Health on Demand

7. Assistive Tech

8. Health Platforms

9. Telehealth

10. E-Pharmacy

11. Health Financing

12. Lifestyle

13. E-Training

14. Mental Health

15. Health Analytics

  1. Logistical arrangements, delivery of medical supplies and emergency response services
  2. Hardware for medical purposes 
  3. Identifying and monitoring medical conditions through technology 
  4. Manipulation and production of medical products derived from living organisms
  5. Digital distribution of knowledge, awareness and education
  6. Connecting patients  and doctors online for appointment bookings 
  7. Devices or software that maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence, thereby promoting their well-being. These solutions are particularly relevant to persons with disabilities (PWDs)
  1. Platforms to manage patients’ activities, scheduling, billing and digital records
  2. Connecting healthcare providers and patients digitally through online chat platforms, phone calls or video chats
  3. Pharmaceutical products and supplies for purchase and delivery online
  4. Health insurance plans and financial services
  5. Digital solutions for a healthy  lifestyle, with  a focus on fitness, nutrition  and well-being
  6. Digital solutions that provide training to healthcare workers to improve clinical knowledge and performance
  7. Digital Health solutions that enable people to cope with the stresses of life, realize their abilities, learn well and work well, and contribute to their community
  8. Creating data-driven, actionable insights that inform and improve critical healthcare decisions

Join us in shaping the future of health in Africa

Venture Lab


Siliconic Healthtech Ventures hackathon brings together geeks, software developers, innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses to solve and develop iconic solutions in the space of healthtech.


A programme which is an opportunity for healthtech innovators to further develop early-stage entrepreneurship skills and competencies. We support the health sector development as well as creating decent job opportunities for the youth.


We offer entrepreneurs the ablilty to access funding from highly skilled investors. The entrepeneurs will pitch and showcase their healthtech startups. It’s great to have an idea, but can you sell it? 

Coaching and Mentoring

A programme that guarantees that entrepeneurs are right on track with industry experts and mentors right at the helm. The entrepreneurs are given inputs as well as working time to push their ideas. 

Dev Labs

This is a program that allows entrepreneurs to put to action every practice given and develop their solutions and put it to action. Entrepreneurs will have a sense of what works or what does not from the sessions. 

Industry Network

Our entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally as they embark on the industry they are in. Engaging with industry experts and getting the full scope of the industry they are in. 

Investor Readiness

Our entrepreneurs will be prepared by our mentors and professionals to fully present and showcase their startups to potential investors. 

Investor Pitch Day

Our entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch and showcase their startups in front of a panel of highly esteemed investors, thus securing funding for their startups. 

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